Your gift: A brief escape from reality

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Stressed?  Bored?  Tired?  Overwhelmed? Not ready to make your own LEGO stop motion animation masterpiece?

Take a moment to escape reality and smile (or shake your head and think, “What just happened?!”) with a very short, choose-your-own-story adventure for grown-ups. It’s not for kids!

gypsy holding The Sun tarot card

A short, interactive story

You are the main character of the story, and at the end of each section, you’ll click on a bolded, capitalized word to continue with the choice you’ve made.

You can always start over.

There are 8 endings.  Two of them are bad, two are okay, and four are good and/or weird.

Not terrible, but not for kids.

Remember that, unless you’re willing to (potentially, depending on your choices) explain things like drinking, gambling, skinny-dipping, and pansexuality, this is not a story for kids.


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