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LEGO stop motion animation is going to

  • make you giggle like a 5-year-old girl
  • make you lose track of time
  • connect you to a passionate, fun community

As an added bonus, you’ll

  • exercise your creativity muscle and
  • discover a versatile form of self-expression
Yes, enjoy the cuteness of the LEGO environment and people but also play with the idea that this is a story about transformation.


You’re here (click for recommendations):

for entertainment!

to learn more about LEGO in general (best places to buy, how to store, more)

to learn about LEGO stop motion animation (how it works, camera placement, lighting, costuming, more)

Black LEGO mermaid



Get a feel for LEGO’s storytelling potential through photos as you step away from reality for a few moments: become a medieval adventurer and make your own destiny, as you make decisions for your character in a short, interactive story.

Watch LEGO Stop Motion Films

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Zee’s Bio

LEGO in General


  • There are several ways to fund your brickfilms (stop motion animation movie made with construction toys, usually LEGO) with LEGO products themselves. One of them is LEGO investment.
  • Find and buy individual LEGO pieces if you don’t need an entire, potentially expensive, set.


See possibilities for storing your LEGO collection as a beginner. 

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Zee’s Bio

LEGO Stop Motion

Remember that if you just want to experiment and play, that’s great. But if you’ve also got a message to send out into the world, especially a challenging one, your tiny, infinitely-adorable plastic actors will help you sneak up on your viewer. Your audience will be blinded by the cuteness overload and won’t notice you’re trying to change the world until it’s too late.

Whether you have a single LEGO person (called a “minifigure”) you want to turn into a dancing fool, you want to recreate your favorite live-action movie with plastic, or you have a script you’re ready to turn into reality, before you can create your cinematographic masterpiece, at the very least . . .

Introduction to LEGO Animation

LEGO Animation Tips


Do you have LEGO? Do you know how and where to buy it, sort it, and store it? Learn some LEGO basics.

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  • Let me know what you’d like to see next.
  • Get tips on how to start your LEGO collection as an adult.
  • Make a movie with only two LEGO people.
  • See set-building techniques.
  • Understand more about costuming your little plastic actors.
  • Learn along with me as I explore stop motion animation software. Right now I use my camera, The Force, and basic video-editing software, not animation software.


I created this blog to share

  1. what I wish I’d known when I started, and
  2. what I’m learning as I go
  3. writing intended for adults

I’m a language professional. I translate foreign-language documents, where subject matter is more important than which language, and I constantly have to research new things. Foot fungus? Sure. What a priest studied in college? Yes. The legal system in Cameroon. Yup. And because everyone asks, I work into English ONLY, mostly out of French and Dutch, seldom out of Papiamento, and out of Spanish under duress.

I’m a filmmaker. Read all about my filmmaking journey, the one that led me to LEGO, here.

My LEGO-related achievements:

  • I won a brickfilm (stop motion animation with construction toys, often LEGO) contest in 2020 and . . .
  • I gave a talk on making brickfilms to an advanced college-level filmmaking class, also in 2020, and . . .
  • I was in the 20 people out of 80 applicants to make it to the Zoom-call interview to be contributors to a blog bearing the prestigious distinction of LEGO Recognized Fan Media. You guessed it: that was in 2020.
I made a couple of trees for the LEGO train layout, then I pulled out my camera.
The other train layouts were lovely, but they weren’t as vibrant and colorful as the LEGO!

Join me . . .

. . . in my current obsess–ahem–hobby: LEGO® and how to use it for filmmaking. Start by grabbing Zee Top 5 LEGO Secrets Every Adult Should Know.