LEGO Stop Motion

Introduction to LEGO Animation

LEGO Animation Tips


Do you have LEGO? Do you know how and where to buy it, sort it, and store it?


  • There are several ways to fund your brickfilms (stop motion animation movie made with construction toys, usually LEGO) with LEGO products themselves. One of them is LEGO investment.


See possibilities for storing your LEGO collection as a beginner. 


Coming Soon

  • Let me know what you’d like to see next.
  • Get tips on how to start your LEGO collection as an adult.
  • Make a movie with only two LEGO people.
  • See set-building techniques.
  • Understand more about costuming your little plastic actors.
  • Learn along with me as I explore stop motion animation software. Right now I use my camera, The Force, and basic video-editing software, not animation software.