Knight 3 Jousting Food

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The food vendor doesn’t seem to notice how much you’re salivating.  He looks deep into your eyes and says, “You don’t want fish.” 

“Yes! I do,” you say, just barely reacting fast enough to wipe drool from your chin. You notice that he’s wearing a wizard’s hat.  

“You want adventure. You hate routine and your dull, grey-and-brown life,” he smiles.

“Omigosh, yes! How did you know? Could I have that big fish over there?”

“Take the fish and go joust, and you’ll be unhappy.”  “Take this special carrot, and you’ll live a life of pleasure, with people coming from far and wide to worship you and give you expensive gifts.”

Click below to make your choice.

You take the FISH.

You take the SPECIAL CARROT.

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