Gypsy 2 Inn

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Once your eyes adjust to the darkness of the tavern, you notice a man motioning for you to join him at his table.  His clothes look expensive, and he’s got all his teeth.  There’s also a sense of adventure about him.  

Wait a minute!  There’s another man who wants you to join him.  Wow!  Cities are great!  This man has a parrot on his shoulder and is wearing a strange, triangular hat. You take a step closer, and you don’t smell anything.  He must have had a bath recently!

The smell of sweat and beer and the sound of laughter and chinking of coins is reassuring as you consider your options.

Click below to choose your dinner partner.

The more teeth, the better.  The dental wonder and the pricey clothes mean he has money.  You choose the guy with the MONEY.

Everyone says that baths are bad for you, but you like the idea of no smell, so you let your nose decide for you.  You choose the man with the PARROT.

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