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LEGO Animation Review: 1 x Y

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Your life won’t be the same after you watch this LEGO stop motion animation.  It’s the only one I’ve seen where the characters are LEGO plates instead of tiny plastic people known as LEGO minifigs.

There’s clear Star Wars inspiration here, along with imaginative fight scenes, and humor.  The main character even breaks the fourth wall, and it’s a strange thing, indeed, when a skinny red piece of LEGO talks to you, the LEGO animation audience member, directly.

That’s right, Gentle Reader.  The main character is a 1×4 LEGO plate, and he kicks butt!

The music, different camera angles and camera moves, foley, choreography . . . it’s all there, except that the characters wiggle as they speak because they’re flat pieces of LEGO. Brilliant. There are Monty Python and other cultural reference I know I’ve missed, but I still enjoyed the film.

I saw many clips in the History of Brickfilms series by sillypenta on YouTube, but this one stood out in my mind.  I wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to see the whole thing! It’s 6 minutes long.

For a smaller time commitment, check out the one-minute trailer for the sequel which, alas, was never completed:

Without further ado . . . here’s the main attraction:

The brilliant mind behind 1 x Y is Errol Elumir.  He hasn’t posted on YouTube in years, but he’s got a webcomic, a family, and blue hair.  He’s active on Twitter as @Elumir. Here’s a nigh-ancient video of his to give you a sense of the filmmaker’s being-ness.

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