Gypsy 4 Island

You  spend the rest of your lives together, traveling the world, plundering ships, and learning about the bathing rituals of exotic lands.   The Pirate Code does not allow women to be on pirate ships because the women are a distraction to the crew and they bring bad luck.  However, your new husband’s crew is more …

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Knight 4 Unicorn

The special carrot transports you to a magical forest and transforms you into a pansexual unicorn.  People of every gender and orientation bring you expensive gifts and seek your–ahem–company in a constant, comfortable stream of companionship.   You are loved by all, and your material needs are taken care of.  Frigid winters in the communal peasant …

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Knight 4 Uh-oh

You are immediately put to death. The end. Or is it really? Of course not! I’m going to take a wild guess and say that this wasn’t the ending you were hoping for.  Fortunately, in this reality, do-overs are possible.  I suggest you try again.  If you choose the gypsy, don’t go with Money Bags, …

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