10 Lego Instagram accounts for grown-ups

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Who are AFOLs (Adult Fans Of LEGO)? Wonderfully creative moms, artists, engineers, architects, teachers, translators, retired folks, and everyone in between. Find them on Instagram and steal their ideas like an artist to uplevel your LEGO stop motion animation masterpieces. Look for set design an costuming ideas as well as inspiration, a chuckle, or a general building how-to. Here are some to get you started.


Beautiful stop motion animation videos and humor form a winning combination on the _brickology_ account.  The filmmaker is a nurse, and all his stories take place in a hospital setting.  They are funny and sometimes informative.  Learn about what nurses actually do, giggle at workplace romances, get insight into what the 2020 pandemic was like for nurses, and see a lot to smile about.

I envy the filmmaking: no flickering, just the right speed, fabulous body language, cool effects . . . Enjoy!


When you follow Gary’s Legometry, you’ll see LEGO minifigs used as commentary on politicians, Star Wars and other pop-culture references, and reflections of his family life, especially during the 2020 pandemic.

The scenarios he creates are very clever and funny.

His photos are beautiful, all square, closely framed to include only LEGO in the background.

My favorite thing about his Instagram feed is that it includes (PG-13 rated) references to a couple’s more intimate life, and that the couple has white/gray hair, something you don’t often see in on LEGO people.


Do you have a sig fig? That’s a LEGO minifigure that looks like you or illustrates the essence of who you are.  

A bald man with a long, white beard, and a woman with short, red hair are the sig figs for LegosInLove, a couple posting photos of their daily lives in LEGO form.  It’s fun and comforting to see them at the beach, suffering through a plank challenge,  and enjoying Thanksgiving with the family (including a LEGO turkey!).  

Unlike Legometry, their photos incorporate the real, human world.   You’ll see the wife shoveling read snow on real dirt, not just brown plastic tiles.  And there’s a fun image of the husband taking a photo of a human-size grouping of mushrooms in the woods.


Mattia Gleeson‘s images sometimes include a LEGO wall, but most of the time they have a very minimalist look: just the minfigs and enough things to suggest the rest of the scene, on a white background. 

Like the other accounts, there’s much humor and ingenuity here. Bee minifigs flying around a flower, a martial artist breaking pieces of wood with a chop of his hand, zombies at the beach, and more.


Action, action, action! Lukas Wiecek‘s photos are epic and heroic.  Super heroes running, jumping, or spinning, with dramatic lighting.  Sometimes there are behind-the-scenes photos and videos for an even richer experience. 

Expect to see a lot of Star Wars and Marvel, and a number of guest posts.


If the ladies of the Women’s Brick Initiative (and their allies) could snap their fingers and instantly have more women and girls enjoying the world of LEGO, they probably would. 

One focus is to increase and improve representation of women in this plastic world. After all, there are waaaayyy more male minifigures than female ones, and the female ones don’t get to do as many exciting things as the male ones.  

Follow this account for creative photos, announcements about workshops and other opportunities to interact, and inspiration.


That’s my account. I just had to slip it into this list. Sneaky, right? You’ll find all my latest minifig photos and stop motion animations there. Older photos and videos are on my personal account (@VideoZee) which has more than just plastic as it also has things like my music videos.


Sometimes Wicket is out in human-size nature, sometimes he’s surrounded by more plastic, but he’s always on interesting adventures.  He works out, he babysits, he runs from a giant stormtrooper, he saves a Mandalorian from stepping in dog poop  . . .

He always looks good, thanks to a wonderful, inventive photographer, and he will enchant you, especially if you’re a Star Wars fan


This is LEGOs official Instagram account. Follow it to get the latest official news and lots of inspiration.


Nathan Sawaya is an international artist who creates sculptures out of LEGO bricks. Some of them are HUGE!

Have a look at his feed and you’ll see Obama sitting on a park bench next to a Sawaya-made, life-size LEGO human, a rhino,  a man ripping his chest open to reveal LEGO bricks pouring out of the cavity,  and Goofy encased in carbonite as if he were Han Solo of Star Wars fame.

View this post on Instagram

Help each other out.

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At the time of this writing, Nathan Sawaya’s bio contains only the words “Art is not optional.”  Do you agree?  And which LEGO-centric Instagram account is your favorite?

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